Our Vehicles

Australia is a big country and although Victoria is its smallest mainland state, distances can still be great to destinations - especially on journeys like the popular Great Ocean Road.

Add to that the shear diversity of landscapes surrounding Melbourne and the choice of vehicles for our fleet was a major consideration.

Our decision to use exclusively Mercedes vehicles was based on their unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and safety – paramount for our guests uninterrupted enjoyment.

Our boutique group vehicles (max 11 per vehicle) – finished in our signature blue representing the colours of the sea and sky - were custom designed by us and built to our specifications with interiors fitted locally to suit Australian conditions. All our vehicles feature:

Our custom Mercedes group vehicles and a typical tour bus

  • Extended wheel-base and heightened roof lines offering up to 40% more passenger interior space than typical tour ‘buses’
  • Premium leather lined reclinable contoured seating with retractable arm and foot rests, tray tables and seat pockets for added convenience.
  • Our custom floor plan provides 50% more legroom – even at full recline - (see our video below for a quick tour inside) than any other vehicles in its class.
  • Gently elevated rear rows ensure guests never get ‘lost’, with a maximum of 2 abreast and 3 x single seats
  • Expansive smoked glass (not tint film) windows providing superior insulation and viewing area
  • Boosted hi-performance air-conditioning
  • Auto touchless entry/exit

Mechanically, Mercedes vehicles are rear wheel drive; providing better balance for a smoother ride and reduced cabin noise whilst the superior fuel efficiency means our experiences are not subject to the inconvenience of re-fuelling stops – so guests can enjoy their time uninterrupted.

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